"Of which one can not speak, one must keep quiet", sent the great philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein in his Tractatus logico-philosophicus where, with a resolute and tranchant look, he explained how defining once and for all something meant drawing a limit between language and the world, words and things, logic and aesthetics.

So here we are, having to find the right words to describe a unique and wonderful reality like that of Maison Signore. According to Wittgenstein it would be better to keep silent because no word would ever be enough. But we try the same, closing our eyes and letting our mind powerfully ride the wave of emotion thinking of creations that are sublime masterpieces of high craftsmanship, elegance and femininity.

Maison Signore, a company known and admired all over the world as an extraordinary example of the true great quality Made in Itay, boasts four Bride lines (Excellence, Seduction, Victoria F. and Giovanna Sbiroli) designed for all women in love, each with his tastes, desires and needs that Maison Signore knows how to understand and fulfill because nothing is impossible in this enchanted kingdom where every dream is transformed into reality.

Because if "diamonds are a girl's best friend", as Marilyn Monroe used to sing, a wedding dress is much more than a friend because it does not embellish only a part of our body, but is the absolute protagonist of a fairy tale love, as well as that wonder that everyone, from the first to the last row of guests, they quiver to admire. And for the whole day he will be the only and only true jewel and such will remain also in the memories.

But how can true love be translated into a dress? Can you summarize such a powerful feeling in a dress?

Around the world there are no ateliers of wedding dresses willing to sell a wedding dress, but how many of them can sell an emotion? Every bride, since she remembers it as a child, did nothing but dream about what her wedding dress would be like, because for her it is not just a beautiful garment, but above all, the tangible symbol of an eternal love.

And Maison Signore knows how precious is that deep feeling that is established between a future bride and the dress of her dreams.

This is why she is able to offer each of her clients the certainty of wearing a tailor-made creation for her, perfect not only for enhancing the forms but above all personality and personality, and the result of this creative effort can only be perfect when you lie, the heart and soul of a bride travel in unison.

This beautiful fairy tale always begins in Atelier where ideas and sketches come to life. A functional and precious space in which the golden hands of the premiere and those of sublime embroiderers transform the designs into matter, giving life to unforgettable models, expression of the highest Italian craftsmanship tradition, and of course Campania, which perfected over the centuries , knows how to welcome and incorporate in itself the new and every technical and experimental evolution in the name of a result of excellence that is the only true Creed to which Maison Signore knows he must respond.

It is exciting every time to manage to make a bride happy and the renewal of this miracle of pure joie de vivre can only confirm how the Haute Couture of Maison Signore is pure art that comes from a great talent and an impeccable technique . His ateliers, where every desire is realized, is almost as if they were not part of the real world where often what is dreamed remains a chimera. Here everything is possible.

There is a perfect bride for every dress and vice versa. The two, in the end, are just waiting to meet, as it already happened for the great Love, so dreamed and finally arrived.

And it all starts like this, by chance or fatality, by entering a Maison Signore atelier, where time seems to stop while everything runs so quickly between preparations of all kinds.

Here, where sartoriality, tradition, innovation and craftsmanship dominate, we work hard because everything is unique and special as every single love story is. Refinement and exclusivity are at the base of every creation, among precious fabrics and prezisi handmaded embroidery in the sign of the highest Italian tailoring tradition.

Creativity and masterly elegance materialize perfectly in the organs, voile, tulle and lace of Maison Signore creations. A proudly Italian style that of this extraordinary fashion house able to constantly renew from season to season, with an eye to the latest fashion trends, then naturally reinterpreted according to the style of the house in a completely unique and personal way.

The lines of the dresses unfold in such an original and emotional way that goes from the most romantic bon ton to the minimal chic dress with surprising details to creations with delicate transparency effects, lace inserts, dazzling embroidery, to arrive at models worthy of a real Diva.

The wedding dress, you know, is the great  fable of love. All the spotlights that day are on him. Grace and romance are the leitmotiv of timeless masterpieces of elegance and femininity thanks to an exceptional design, expression of a sumptuous and imaginative couture that with remarkable skill knows how to pass with class from delicate vintage to extreme luxury, from Hollywood glamor to the charm of absolutely gifts, like a real princess. All in a dreamy atmosphere because only the real Haute Couture Bride can dress such intense emotions.

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